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737 MAX – first head rolls at Boeing

737 MAX – first head rolls at Boeing

Well, this has taken a while. Boeing announced today the first head to roll connected to the 737 MAX debacle, and their replacement.

As you would expect it was presented positively as a new appointment – that of Stan Deal as president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

It doesn’t quite say that’s because Kevin McAllister has left the position, not entirely voluntarily, and that the appointment came straight after a Boeing board meeting.

2PAXfly Takeout

The 737 MAX plane has been an unmitigated company destroying disaster.

The planes have been stuck on the ground most of this year after two terrible, fatal plane crashes, which most regard as being the result of design – hardware and definitely software faults.

It is a corporate miscarriage of justice that more heads haven’t rolled from Boeing and arguably regulators. Not to mention a few would probably be wearing prison stripes if I ruled the world.

Boeing is still operating, but after the cost of fixes, compensation to airlines, dead passengers and crew families, I think this threatens the existence of Boeing – or at least one of its divisions.

I only have two words for you: Pan Am.

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