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Qantas: increases luggage allowance for international premium passengers

Qantas: increases luggage allowance for international premium passengers

Qantas is aligning its international carry on luggage policy with its new domestic policy.

You can now bring on

  • 1 x 10kg bag (115cm), or
  • 2 x bags (105cm each) totalling 14kg, each bag no more than 10kg, or
  • 1 x 10kg (105cm) and a soft garment bag (185cm)

Those measurements above are achieved by adding the length + width + depth.

This brings the policy into line with their domestic luggage prescription.

This will make life easier.

Previously, if you were travelling on a domestic and international leg, you would have to pack to the most restrictive rules. That would have been that no one piece must be more than 7kg – according to the international rules. Qantas changed the rules for domestic travel some time ago.

a diagram of a bag dispenser
Qantas luggage graphic and screengrab

Just remember that there is also a condition that you have to be able to lift your own luggage to the overhead bins. Not a bad condition, as this should be your mantra when packing: never pack more than you can lift.

You can check the Qantas luggage rules here.

2PAXfly Takeout

Luggage rules keep me up at night – OK, I’m exaggerating – well maybe the night before a flight . . .

I recently caught a domestic business flight on Virgin Australia and spent an inordinate amount of time checking and obsessing over their carry-on luggage rules, which are different to Qantas, and I had to change my packing accordingly.

Of course, no-one challenged me at Virgin, unlike my experience with the mean girl on Qantas, and all was well.

Enough about me, what do I think of these rule changes? It’s good to have some consistency, especially across one airline. Now we just need to get that consistency across airlines – plural.

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