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Singapore Airlines: The Great Getaway – promotion

Singapore Airlines: The Great Getaway – promotion

Now, I pass this on with a little trepidation. Airlines are very good at puffing up their promotions, and then disappointing you when the details emerge. So that said, here is what Singapore Airlines is promising to release on Thursday 15 August:

  • ‘Great Places, Great Prices’ – deals on ‘amazing’ fares to the worlds top destinations
  • ‘Priceless Experience to Singapore – a competition to win two /business Class tickets to Singapore
  • ‘Great Perks’ – earn more miles on hotels, stopover deals and a discount code for duty-free shopping
a plate with food on it
Singapore Airlines Caviar Service

From the logos displayed on the promo header – I think this might apply to all of Singapore airlines brands including

. . . so worth checking those websites tomorrow (Thursday), or signing up for their newsletter.

a bed with pillows and a pillow on it
The ‘old’ Singapore Suites on the A380

Let’s hope the promotion is worth it, as Singapore Airlines is one of the best airlines in the world. Who knows it might be your opportunity to try out their new First Class.

a bed with white sheets and pillows in an airplane
The new first-class suites

You might want to also try their new mobile App that was launched only last week (only for iOS at the moment)

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