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Air New Zealand, August 1 –something about Rugby, or flights to the Americas, or maybe new business class seating.

Air New Zealand, August 1 –something about Rugby, or flights to the Americas, or maybe new business class seating.

Air New Zealand is running a promo for something to be announced on August 1st.

There are three videos in the spirit of some George Smiley type spycraft, that drop some hints about what is to be announced.

Here are the videos, with the clues beneath them.

Park Bench

So did you get that?

  • Vancouver (cold this time of year)
  • Bay of Islands (Lovely!)
  • Rugby Players (4 of them)
The Dock

In this one:

  • Los Angeles (traffic tricky in rush-hour)
  • Bagley Park (in Christchurch – ‘Beautiful in Autumn’)
  • 777-300ER (‘Blueprint’ – with business class detail)
  • ‘Apple’ (‘No’ – so not New York?)

…and finally:

  • Buenos Aires (Spring has come early)
  • Wellington (Can’t beat it on a good day)
  • All Black portrait (-if I followed rugby, I might know who it is)
  • Disguise (pilots hat and aviator sunglasses)

I have never been crazy about Rugby

The hashtag for the campaign is #CrazyAboutRugby – so I suspect its some special flights between New Zealand, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Buenas Aires, around the Northern Hemisphere Winter, Spring and early Autumn – or Summer and Autumn in the Southern Hemisphere, for Rugby matches?

Or is it linked to this recent press release calling for temporary Flight attendants:

Air New Zealand is putting out the call for temporary flight attendants to fly on its international widebody fleet over the summer period.

Air NZ Press release, 19 July

New or ‘refreshed’ Business Class?

Or are they launching their new (enhanced) Business Class seats – although that seems a little too soon. These were promised for later in 2019, with all new seats to debut in the 2020’s.

I’m going with Rugby related flights to the Americas. Although what the hell all that spycraft is about, I don’t know.

Predictions gratefully received below.

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