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First Impressions: QT Hotel Perth – Where is the desk?

First Impressions: QT Hotel Perth – Where is the desk?

A desk! A desk! My kingdom for a desk!

OK, to me a hotel room has to have three essential things:

  • a bed – ✓
  • a bathroom – ✓
  • a desk – ‎❌

Can you believe it? No desk in the room, and what’s worse – no business centre. I ended up having to spend half a day working in the foyer cafe, and the other half of the day in the room over a coffee table!

a room with two chairs and a table
Sitting area. I spent half a day with a computer on that coffee table, sitting in that green chair, and got an aching back as a reward

There was no excuse not to have a desk. There were squadrons of space in our 40 square metre room, where you could have fitted one! This is a huge oversight and one that they need to attend to.

a bed with pillows and a tray on it

Gorgeous Room

Other than that the room was gorgeous. The plush plum tones, and the contrasting tones used in the pillows and as accents around the room were excellent. The only thing in terms of decor I would comment on is that every wall was white. It felt that at least one wall was crying out for feature wallpaper, or at least another colour. Loved the wood (jarrah?) floors, and the dark and moody black ‘marble’ bathroom.

a black and white bathroom with a sink and a black counter
Bathroom – mirrors impractical for applying makeup or shaving. You need a mirror that isn’t nearly a metre away.

Cleaning needs more attention to detail

The downside of a fully black bathroom is that you can’t always see the muck. That was true in this bathroom, where there was a bit of a fur ball that remained on the shower grate throughout our stay. You will have to wait until the full report to see that image!

Other facilities

Other than the desk oversight, the rest of the hotel had great facilities, including a gym, rooftop bar, with internal and outside space, a great Italian restaurant, and a casual cafe as part of the foyer. The hotel is located adjacent to two shopping malls in the centre of town, and a hop skip and a jump away from the transport hub, and other CBD facilities.

a black jacket on a bed
Creepy setup for turndown service, completely ignoring that there were two saying in the room.


Good, but with a groovy side, that often was on the wrong side of professionalism. For instance, the phone had two buttons, one ‘Feed Me’ for room service, and one ‘Help Me’ for everything else. Basically ‘Help Me’ just got you through to reception where they triaged your request, handing it on, along with the responsibility to unseen and unheard other departments. So in answer to a request like ‘Can we have two feather pillows for our room?’ the response was, ‘I’ll pass that request on to housekeeping.’ Frankly, I would prefer to talk directly to housekeeping.

2PAXfly Take Out

Would I stay here again? Probably not – but only because of the lack of desk. My life is travel, and I work everywhere I go. To not have a desk in the room, is a huge oversight, and a dealbreaker for me. If a desk is not important to you, then this is a great hotel to stay in, despite the fact that form rarely follows function.

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