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First Impressions: Qantas First Class Lounge – Auckland

First Impressions: Qantas First Class Lounge – Auckland

I know the joke Australians make about New Zealand:- that it is 20 years behind the rest of the world. Well seriously, Qantas, this lounge is about 20 years behind every other Qantas lounge product. And that’s saying something (I’m talking about you domestic club lounge Sydney!)

I think that image at the top of the story embodies the management attitude towards the lounge.

a glass door with a wood paneled wall
First to the left, and business to the right


In August last year, Qantas announced a major lounge ‘investment’ program, that included the following upgrades:

Sydney – The flagship Sydney International First lounge will be refreshed and expanded by 15 per cent.

Auckland – The First and Business Lounges in Auckland will be redesigned into a single lounge based on the format of Qantas’ international lounges in London and Hong Kong. Regional inspiration from New Zealand will be incorporated throughout.

Tokyo – The Narita lounge will be refreshed with a new design and improved dining options.

Brisbane – The Brisbane International Lounge will be expanded to cater for an additional 100 guests and completed in early 2019.

Hobart and Tamworth – Both lounges will be completely redesigned with more space and seating.

. . . so that might help explain the inattention to maintenance.

a green chair with a pillow
The arms on this chair would rival Typhoid Mary

Pet hate: grubby upholstery

It makes you mourn for the lace antimacassar . . . every armrest of every fabric chair looks like it has the ingrained grime of several centuries. Besides being unsightly – I’m sure it’s not exactly hygienic.

a man standing at a counter in a restaurant

Take out

With the exception of that inoperable shower, this lounge has everything you need – luggage storage, good seating (avoid the fabric armrests), magazines, a fridge full of beverages, snacks, and coffee, but the decor is well over its use by date.

Full review coming as part of the Auckland trip report in the next week or two.

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