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Air New Zealand: Pay attention to the safety demo, or else!

Air New Zealand: Pay attention to the safety demo, or else! is reporting that two passengers in an exit row who actively refused to engage with staff during the safety demonstration, were offloaded from the flight. The passengers were on a flight between Wellington and Auckland.

A couple of ‘wealthy looking’ passengers – male and female, are reported to have refused to pay attention to the safety video, or to the instruction of airline staff.

The women refused to pay attention, looking down at her book. In response to a request to pay attention, she reportedly placed her fingers in her ears!

Other passengers became annoyed at the delay, and implored the couple to pay attention. They continued to refused it is reported.

Eventually the plane returned to the gate and the passengers were met by police. Its reported that a police spokesman said:

“The passenger will receive an infringement notice under Civil Aviation Authority rules relating to the use of a cellphone,”

NZ Police spokesman

Take Out

Ignore the safety demonstration at your peril!

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