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Emirates cuts Sydney to Bangkok and other flights

Emirates cuts Sydney to Bangkok and other flights

Oh well, there goes my chance of travelling in First Class on Emirates between Sydney and Bangkok, and having a shower! I should have taken my chances last year on my way to Yangon. Instead, I only cashed in enough points to travel in Business, so no shower for me.

This is a ‘fifth freedom’ flight – one where an airline from one country has the right to fly between two other countries – Australia and Thailand in this case.

With a view to providing more efficient and direct connection options for customers travelling to and from Australia, Emirates will suspend flights EK 418/419 between Bangkok and Sydney from 01 June 2019. Emirates will continue to serve Sydney with three flights a day non-stop to Dubai, and Emirates’ customers wishing to travel between Bangkok and Sydney will have flight choices provided by Emirates’ partner Qantas. 

Emirates Media announcement – Network Updates 2019

I love how they try to give it a positive spin. It might be more direct if you want to go to Dubai – but what about if you want to go to Bangkok!

Effective 31 March 2019, Emirates will suspend EK 424/425 and serve Perth with a once daily Airbus A380 service non-stop from Dubai. Emirates customers travelling from Perth will continue to enjoy rapid two-way connections through Dubai to over 38 destinations in Europe, and a further 16 cities in Europe via Emirates’ codeshare partner flydubai. Customers will also be able to enjoy a seamless Emirates A380 experience between Perth and close to 20 destinations in Europe.

Emirates Media announcement – Network Updates 2019

Oh, damn it – that means the only first class service left between Sydney and Bangkok is on Thai. How will I survive?

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