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Singapore Airlines new App Beta – help test it

Singapore Airlines new App Beta – help test it

I awoke today – with a slightly fuzzy head – mainly due to my late New Years Evening, actually – early morning – rather then an inbibing of too much alcohol …

hello 2019!

… to find an email in my inbox inviting me to assist with the beta testing of Singapore Airlines new mobile application.

You can download the Android version immediately, but if you are on Apple IOS, then you need to register using a google form to download the beta via Apple’s Testflight Beta Testing (the form is not secure).

Your feedback could influence future feature development:

a white phone with a message on it
. . . from the email . . .

So what is new and different about the App?

Well – I haven’t started playing with it yet, but here is what they are advising/promising, and towards the end of the post, you can view the promo video:

  • Redesigned flight search and check-in – including a lowest fare ‘flexible travel dates’ option
  • Seamless booking experience – you’ll be able to use fingerprint/face ID on your phone for this – including choosing seat, and redemption bookings
  • Generate Krisflyer digital membership card
  • Flight check-in using a passport scanner to generate your mobile boarding pass and going straight to your gate
  • Create playlist in Krisworld for your inflight entertainment

They are also promising future improvements including:

  • New KrisFlyer profile dashboard and redemption booking 
  • Multi-city flight search and promo code discounts 
  • Integration of payments and boarding pass saving to digital cards and wallets
  • Multiple language support
Singapore Airlines new App Promo video

What 2PAXfly thinks

These are not ground breaking improvements – other airline apps have some of these attributes already, so really this is an evolution of the mobile app to a full service model.

I love all of these features, and love having them in my pocket – until I lose, or ‘wash’ my mobile (cell) phone – as I did prior to our Myanmar trip.

I’ll keep you posted if I find anything interesting as the app develops.

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