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Live blogging from a Qantas 737!

Live blogging from a Qantas 737!

Well this is a bit of a surprise.

I am on my monthly flight to Adelaide to see my family, and the plane is armed with wifi!

I knew Qantas was trialling this facility, but this is the first plane I’ve been on where it is available.

Speeds are pretty impressive at over 12mbps download.

a screenshot of a computer

. . . and its free!

The one thing that is problematic is trying to upload images or add images to the post. It may be my image organising plugin or the fact I was working on an iPad Pro rather than my laptop. (you try working on a laptop in economy when the person in front of you even half reclines their seat). Oh well. Can’t have everything.

I’m not sure how I feel about this. Aircraft have been the last bastion of enforced relaxation. You could not be networked to the world and had to entertain yourself (albeit with Chanel’s of entertainment). You could be out of time and out of place. With wifi connection – not so much.

How do you feel about it?

Image courtesy Qantas media gallery

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