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Australia puts Frequent Traveller passports on a diet

Australia puts Frequent Traveller passports on a diet

The (Australian) Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is going to stop offering ‘fat’ passports at the end of this month (November 2017). The official name for these is ‘Frequent Traveller Passports‘ and they were 66 pages instead of the regular 34 pages. This cost you more AU$382 rather than the standard AU$254.

Orders for the ‘fat’ passports have shrunk significantly over recent years. The trend is in line with many countries move away from visa labels and stamps.

If you really do need those extra pages, then DFAT will issue you with a second passport, and the cost will work out to be the same or less than the ‘fat’ frequent traveller passport. You will be able to apply for these online. DFAT has released details on their Passport website.

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