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Most Disgusting Passenger Behaviour

Most Disgusting Passenger Behaviour
In the interests of passenger shaming . . .
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Apparently the most detested behavior on planes is bare feet, anywhere, and especially on armrests: note the footrest of the whining impolite platinum partnered passenger near me in seat  4F on a flight from Melbourne to Sydney on Sunday. 

She saw her bag on the tarmac being ‘taken away’ from the plane, climbed over me 3 times without acknowlegment or even an ‘excuse me’ to complain to staff, and then gave her partner hell for not having it out with the flight attendants. This continued for the rest of the flight. 

Her partner quietly explained that there was nothing to be done, and they had probably moved the bag to a different baggage container elsewhere on the plane. Needless to say, her bag was on the carousel in Sydney. But boy did ‘Miranda’ give her north American cousins a bad name. Her partner on the other hand approached sainthood for his patience and support.

In a quirky turn of fate, the checked-in luggage of my partner, traveling in a different row, actually didn’t make it onto the flight, but was delivered to our Sydney home at about 11pm the same night.

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