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British Travel Awards – best airlines

The BTA’s (British Travel Awards) have recently been announced.  Based on a complex combination of industry nominations, weird shortlisting including voting from last year, BTA eligibility checking, invitations to companies for submission, and consumer voting.  Anyway – for what its worth, here are some excerpts:

  • Emirates = Airline of the Year
  • Emirates = Best Business/First Class Airline
  • Virgin Atlantic = Best Economy Class Airline
  • Virgin Atlantic = Best Customer Service
  • Australia = Best Country to visit Worldwide

Where’s Qantas? – strangely no where to be found. Where’s British Airways? – well coming in at 2nd or 3rd in some categories.

Interestingly among websites, Tripadvisor scored well, as did travelsupermarket, and skyscanner in the price comparison section – both worth keeping an eye on.

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