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‘Scoot’ between Singapore and Sydney

‘Scoot’ between Singapore and Sydney
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Scoot – Singapore Airlines new budget offshoot, scheduled to start operations in mid 2012 will have Singapore/Sydney as one of its initial routes.

Using Old SIA B777-200ER’s, with seats stuffed in (Economy=10 across v SIA 9; Business=8 across v SIA 6) these planes would be fine for the 4 to 5 hours to China, but will be hell for the 8 hours to Sydney. Also in Business it will be old style ‘recliner’ seats rather tha the more usual lie flat seats of the full service carriers.

The compensation is that fares are being slated as 40% less than full service carriers and outdoing Air AsiaX and Jetstar, transfers will be interlined (check through baggage and connecting flights). The other advantage is that Scoot will operate out of Singapore Changi’s Terminal, rather than the more remote budget terminal.

Sources: Business TravellerScoot, Australian Business Traveller

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