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Qantas ‘hashes’ hash tag #QantasLuxury

Qantas ‘hashes’ hash tag #QantasLuxury
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Poor, poor Qantas. It seems they can do little right, at the moment after running an almost flawless PR campaign.

Qantas tried to ferment a little positive twitter conversation by promising those who twitted using the #QantasLuxury tag, and a good idea of what your ‘dream luxury inflight experience’ is would win an inflight amenity kit and some onboard Pajamas – what an incentive!

Well its been a fantastic success. My twitter feed on that hash tag is moving so quickly I can’t read each tweet before the next one decends. Problem is, it backfired. There are all negative or derisory of Qantas. Read some random samples:

#qantasluxury if the staff announce over the loudspeaker that they have been all given wage increases.

RT @chris_whyte: #QantasLuxury is an oxymoron

@alexmillier #qantasluxury is turning up to the airport to find that your flight is with partner airline @CathayPacific

#QantasLuxury. Being able to access Alan Joyce’s bank account.

When the staff smiles at you and provides a decent service #qantasluxury

#QantasLuxury is telling the public a lying, inept board and CEO is no threat to saftey but red ties will kill ya

#QantasLuxury winning first class flights rather than some lousy PJs and a cheap toothbrush and toothpaste.

And my favourite of the last 100 is from Alexbacchin:

self booking, self check in, self baggage drop, self newspaper pick up, self headphone pick up and self baggage claim. #QantasLuxury

Some Qantas PR’s today should be very nervous! There life is about to be outsourced.

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