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World’s worst airport (even for sleeping in)

World’s worst airport (even for sleeping in)

The main Manilla (Terminal 1) in the Philippines is named as the ‘Worlds Worst Airport’ by the Sleeping in Airports website.

Forget about sleeping in this airport! You will not want to even close your eyes here! Bribery and theft exists. Airport taxes are collected, but the money does not seem to go towards the betterment of the airport. Document holders have been told their papers are not correct, but a fee of x amount should clear up the matter.

But the for me the newsworthy point is that LAX is listed 10th:

This is a busy, crowded traveller processing centre….er, airport. Seating is limited – the floor is your best option, so bring a mat to sleep on! Rude immigration/security staff who automatically assume you are a terrorist or that you will never leave their country. Bathrooms are in poor condition. Signage is poor. There are no conveniences for people in transit….not even a 24 hour coffee shop. Transiting between the 9 terminals is often difficult and confusing.

Totally agree – just one of the worst ways to say ‘welcome’ when Australians arrive in LA

Scource: the Guide to Sleeping In Airports

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