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Australian Airline Customer Satisfaction Survey results – no surpises here

Australian Airline Customer Satisfaction Survey results – no surpises here

Roy Morgan Research (possibly one of the ugliest home pages on the internet) has released some minor data from its latest Airline Satisfaction Survey. Not any surprises really if you think of the tiger safety meltdown, and the Virgin booking system meltdown. Will be interesting to see if the Qantas union dispute meltdown has a similar effect on their satisfaction rating.

a graph of different colored lines

And from the Jane Ianniello of Roy Morgan:

“Qantas still has a clear lead over Virgin Australia in terms of domestic airline satisfaction. Both leisure and business customers are giving Qantas a higher satisfaction rating.

“The satisfaction rating for Virgin Australia fell amongst both its leisure and business customers after their reservation and check-in system failed in late September 2010, affecting approximately 50,000 customers. Although Virgin Australia’s satisfaction has rebounded in the last quarter, it is still lower than it was before the incident.

“It will be interesting to see whether Qantas domestic satisfaction ratings will fall over the next few months as a result of the recent industrial action.

“Satisfaction for Tiger Airways may fall even lower in coming months after the temporary suspension of its services in July 2011.”

Scource: PRWire

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