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Qantas is closing something I thought had gone a long time ago

Qantas is closing something I thought had gone a long time ago
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When was the last time you visited a bricks-and-mortar Qantas travel centre. The 1980’s perhaps?

I can remember searching for one around that time to get some travel brochures, and finding out it was easier to phone and ask for them to be sent to me.

But apparently – they still exists, and The (Murdoch owned – be careful  or I’ll hack your voicemail) Australian reports that Qantas is closing the last of them:

QANTAS travel centres have become the latest victims of the internet as the airline closes all but one of its shopfronts with the loss of 60 jobs.

The airline will close travel centres in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Cairns and Townsville because they are no longer profitable. It will keep open a centre in the remote Top End town of Nhulunbuy, which serves mining interests and acts as a corporate centre.

The airline had already shut travel centres in Darwin, Canberra and Surfers Paradise as the increasing use of online booking engines sounded the death knell for the “bricks and mortar” operations.

About 70 per cent of domestic bookings are now made through and about 33 per cent of international tickets.

Just one more thing Qantas has cut, add it to the list:

  • baggage allowance
  • access to lounges
  • meals
  • flowers in business class toilets
  • benefits to frequent flyers
  • service

Feel free to add other cuts in comments

Source: The Australian

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