Wednesday, 21 September 2016

5 Cute things hotels do to make you feel loved

Fortunately no towels were injured during this display of Swan towel art at the Hotel La Union Cienfuegos, Cuba

I am a sucker for things that some hotels do, that just make you feel loved, and fussed over.


Romantic stuff, like petals in a heart shaped on your bed for your anniversary.

At the Hotel De La Paix in Luang Prabang, Laos (now a Sofitel) - for our 21st anniversary.


Placing a bookmark in your book when you have left it upturned on your bedside table, or splayed out on your sun lounge while taking a dip.

Left splayed by the bed - miraculously bookmarked by housekeeping.


Complimentary sunscreen while sun-baking

By the pool at the Imperial Hotel New Delhi, where they supplied complimentary suntan lotion. Unfortunately it's smell was a little too reminiscent of public toilet disenfectant of the sickly sweet kind.


Tidying your computer or phone recharge cords with a velcro cord tidy.

Velcro iPhone cord tidy at the Four Seasons Sayan in Ubud. Housekeeping tidied them every day.


That thing they do in the bathroom, where the staff tidy your bathroom products, and place them in an orderly fashion on a square of toweling.

I don't know what it is, but I just love coming back to the room, and seeing that housekeeping has created order out of chaos for my bathroom accoutrements.

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Royal Suite Room Upgrade in 5 pictures

Because our villa pool turned green with envy just like the pool at the Rio Olympics, the management at Four Seasons Sayan offered us a choice of options for alternate accommodation. One was the three bedroomed Royal Suite. Well it would have been rude to say no.

Full review coming in the future - but for now here are three pictures of our new three bedroom  'suite' with its magnificent view down the river.

The entrance - with a roof that has lilly and lotus ponds, a rooftop bale, and a red rice paddy, oh and some stone guardians.
From the first floor looking down at the pool sundeck and dining bale.
View from the dining bale back to the Royal suite - two floors, three bedrooms (excluding staff quarters), two dining rooms, at least two sitting rooms, and more bathrooms and outdoor showers than I could count, that's all I'm, saying
The dining bale. Pity we don't have 10 friends on hand for a quick dinner. However the lounges on the far left have the view you can see below.
If you will excuse the term - this is the 'money shot' for this Royal suite. The view down the river is mesmerising.
Full report of our trip to Bali soon, including reviews of Garuda Economy and Business, and two different suites at the Four Seasons Sayan.

Friday, 2 September 2016

Bali-hi has called me in 3 pictures

Our quickish decision  because of a fantastic Qantas Holidays deal sees us in Bali this week,

Full reports to come, but here is our trip and arrival on three pictures.

Skyteam Lounge with considerably more foliage, but the same orange banquettes.
Made it into the Skyteam lounge due to a status match with Qantas Gold status through Alitalia's frequent flyer program. Probably not actually going to fly with Alitalia, so glad I got this benefit before the card outdates in early 2017.  Also discovered that the Skyteam Lounge at Sydney International is also a Priority Pass lounge. Oh, and they have updated the plantings now, so it actually looks lush.

Garuda A330-300, with 2-4-2 seating plan. We were in the 2 on the left hand side in the forward cabin directly behind business. They have footrests in economy!, They have shared power points, and points to charge your appe products. What's not to like?

I am lucky enough through a combination of good fortune, hard work, money, and good frequent flyer points acquisition to usually fly in something other than economy on medium to long haul international. Not this time. Slightly less than six hours on a daytime flight should be do-able right? Well it is. But as I age, the space restrictions, sheer numbers of people, plus my increasing lack of physical flexabilty, make economy less comfortable.  Still, Garuda and their staff do pretty well.

And - hey, there is a pot-of-gold at the end of the rainbow - an upgrade to a villa with a pool at the 4 Seasons at Sayan near Ubud, Bali - for a week.

Upgraded to a Villa with plunge pool, as per booking, but lucked out on King bed. We were offered alternatives, but they either involved a downgrade, no pool, or a room move after 5 nights. We picked the queen beds x 2 option.

OK so we didn't get a King bed, but we did get a pool. Still no complaints.

Look forward to some more detailed reviews over the coming fortnight. We have 7 NIGHTS here!