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Drag (JetBlue) Race. Shantay, you stay!

Drag (JetBlue) Race. Shantay, you stay!


If you ain’t a fan of Rue Paul’s Drag Race – then – ‘Sashay away’ now.

Ok, well that’s just plain rude!

RuPaul’s Drag Race

RuPaul’s drag race is a TV phenomenon that grew from RuPaul’s love of the cheesiness of tag lines used in TV contest shows. He has developed a whole lexicon of taglines for RuPaul’s Drag Race (viewable on STAN here in Australia), as well as releasing the argot of American drag queens across the world, O[click]Kayyyyy!

The winner of Season 8 was Bob the Drag Queen, who is a stunning performer whether on Drag Race, or (as he currently is) in the revival of Tales of the City.

Pride Season – JetBlue gets its Stonewall on

Given it is Pride season in the Northern Hemisphere (in Australia – our ‘pride’ season corresponds with summer, and is around Mardi Gras time in February/March each year), upstart, New York-based, USA airline JetBlue has commissioned a spoof safety video to celebrate the Pride season and their commitment to diversity by naming one of their planes as ‘Shantay, Blue Stay!’ a play on the famous tag line of the Drag Race show – ‘Shantay, you Stay!’.

The clip starts with another tagline from the show: ‘Confidence, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent’ Those words are capitalised for a reason – work it out!

Oh – and Trixie Mattel is the other drag queen.

I’ve never travelled on Jet Blue – but if these ‘Gurls’ where hosting my flight, I’d be travelling in Drag Class!


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