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Did Neil Perry really have anything to do with this:

Did Neil Perry really have anything to do with this:
a yellow box with black text Just what you need as an in-flight refreshment -something that looks like its from the black and gold supermarket range. 
This was my snack on a Sunday afternoon flight with Qantas from Melbourne to Sydney. 
Besides the packaging looking like generics from the supermarket, the ‘Flats™’ are somewhat disgustingly tasteless squares of what looks like predigested vegetable. And by ‘pre-digested’ I think you know what I mean. 
The website of Fine Fettle assures me that they are real vegetables ‘dried’ rather than fried. I think I would prefer the fried.
I wonder what Neil Perry really does for Qantas. It would appear that he is responsible for this snack if the notes to the 1st class menu are to be believed: 
“Qantas and Neil have collaborated to bring you restaurant style cuisine inflight. Every detail is influenced, from creating the menus to training chefs and cabin crew worldwide.”
I’m afraid that this just sounds like puff when you get served something like ‘Flats™’ served in a plastic box, covered by plastic, packaged in a black and gold cardboard sleeve.
Next time if they offer you ‘Flats™’ – ask for the pretzels.

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