Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Qantas - you got me babe!

I have often been at the head of the queue to bag Qantas. Prices too high, service too low.

But today I have to praise them.

I recently travelled Business Class on one of their One World partners (British Airways) to the UK.  It got me a lot of status credits. Adding them together with points already gained, I had 50 short of Gold status on my anniversary date of 31 July.

Nearly there

I thought I would be safe - I had a couple of Aer Lingus flights, and a Sydney/Melbourne return flight, so I thought I would make up those last 50 - or close enough to get there.  Wrong - for whatever complex-fine-print reason, the Aer Lingus flights didn't count - and my Sydney/Melbourne flights were the day after the anniversary date.

With a lot of work to catch up on after 5 weeks away, a 'points run' was not an option.

I kissed the gold status option goodbye - seeing my free club membership and priority queue privileges disappear off into the sunset.

Double status credits

Then my partner got one of those email offers: 'double status credits for flights between blah and blah if you register'.

Since I didn't get the offer, and we were about to book Qantas flights to Bangkok - I thought it worth a call.

Don't ask, Don't get

Well, I didn't get the double status credits offer, but Kirsty suggested I request a status upgrade since I was so close. She said 50 points was outside her authority, but it was worth drafting a request. 'What other reasons can I put forward?' she asked. What do you say - lie through you back teeth about promising to fly with them exclusively? I never know what to say - so I kind of spluttered that I intended to go to Bangkok in October.  Well it was worth a shot, I thought.

I love you Kirsty

Just a minute ago - I answered one of those calls marked 'Blocked' I usually let go to voice mail. It was Kirsty - my request got approved!

Reward Loyalty

So I suppose Mr Qantas, since you just rewarded my loyalty (airline whore that I am) I better reward yours. I'm booking my next trip with you! Gotta get those 600 points to remain your bitch somehow!

Just shows - it pays to ask

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