Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Score seems to be Emirates 2, Qantas 0

Another critic weights into the debate - pointing out the advantages for Emirates of the deal - but with little upside for Qantas.

Ben Sanderlands writes in PlaneTalking at Crikey writes that:

This means that the partnership, as of today, would preserve all of the connectivity advantages of Emirates existing Australia services for Emirates, leaving Qantas quarantined as a predominantly end point to London service, where, as we all know, connectivity with British Airways is loathsome in terms of time wasting, and the airport experience in general.
Thus the benefit of the partnership for Qantas would appear to be that of a coupon-clipper, picking up what amounts to a commission for selling what will remain Emirates flights operated on Emirates jets under a Qantas codeshare.
Source: PlaneTalking

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