Monday, 10 September 2012

Codeshare this ACCC!

Putting all of the details to one side for the moment. How will the Qantas/Emirates tie-up help flight prices?

Because I like to travel towards the pointy end - have a look at this comparison for dates in May 2013 - after the Qantas/Emirates partnership is in place:

Qantas - Outbound

Qantas Inbound

Qantas return - $11,715 

- currently showing via Singapore.


Emirates return - $8,794:

That's a difference of $2,921 - lets just call that $3,000

So the question will be - which price-point do we get next year - Emirates, or Qantas - or somewhere in the middle?

Something tells me, it won't be the cheap Emirates price - take note ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission)

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