Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Service - its about attitude, Virgin

Off to LA on V/Virgin Australia in business class.  Last time, you may remember I raved about the service and the food and the lie-flat bed.  This time - not so much.  Nothing horrible, but the interior of the planes are looking a little tired. The seats seem firmer than 12 months ago, and the service had that by-the-book quality rather than being instinctive.

One example: on boarding the plane we needed some assistance with something, and asked the first uniformed Virgin person we saw. She immediately said - 'Not me, I'm not on this plane'. What she really meant - as she obviously was on the plane - was that she was not part of the cabin crew of this plane. But instead of saying and doing something like - I'll just get someone to assist you - she just walked off.

This is no biggie - the problem is, that then when someone does the full kneeling down to you at your seat, and thanking you for flying with Virgin thingy - it just sounds insincere, rehearsed and by the book.

Note to service industry: Service is not about procedure - its about attitude.

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