Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Travel agent trends 2012 – Its all about you

The USA Travelmarket report has some advice for 2012. In a world where we all have access to travel services via the internet, it is no surprise that the advice to Travel Agents is "Keep it Personal". Here is some selective advice from their recommendations:
  • Understand client lifestyles - personalise marketing to individuals
  • Keep communications one-to-one - personal notes, personal suggestions
  • Get educated - get experienced - personal knowledge and experience is valued by customers
  • Target family celebrations - people are gathering around milestone events like birthdays and anniversaries
  • Recruit your customers for life - keep in touch after their trip
  • Sell value - you need to provide a service, knowledge and experience over and above what customers can find online
  • Get in first - be proactive - in recruiting business and providing service
To read their complete list with quotes from industry players visit TravelMarketReport.com

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