Monday, 9 January 2012

Qantas passengers go bumpety-bump

QF32 - an A380 between London and Singapore struck severe turbulance in Indian air space about 3 hours out of Singapore. Some passengers were flung around the cabin as (according to passengers) the aircraft plunged 3 times.

The seriousness of injuries has not been reported, but any hospitalised passengers from the flight have already been released in Singapore.

It's pretty good that only 7 people were injured on a plane of this size, presumably out of their seats without their seatbelts fastened.

The seatbelt sign was on - and passengers were impressed by the reaction of flight attendents, and the personal explanation by the pilot in the cabin after the incident.

Sounds like cabin staff and crew dealt with this incident pretty well.

Note to self: always have your seatbelt on when seated

You can find more detailed reports of the incident at and travelblackboard

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