Thursday, 25 August 2011

Virgin allows points and status credit pooling

Virgin has announced the notion of pooling of points and status credits within families. So you could combine all your points within a family to redeem for flights.  This you can kind of do now, by moving points between family accounts.

The really good innovation is that on Virgin, you can now pool status credits. The number of times I and partner have both had just short of the required number of points to upgrade our membership from one category to the next is legion. I can't wait for this policy to be active.

It means you and your significant other can put your status credits together, and upgrade one of you, so that both of you can enjoy  - say the lounge access of gold membership!

While Qantas is still all strikes and delays, and cutting back international route's, Virgin again has all the good news.

Scource: Australian Business Traveller

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